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About Us

We are A Leader in Sports Nutrition

We believe you get out what you put in – which is why our certified manufacturing facilities only use high quality ingredients and strict quality control when making our products


SINCE 2022

Just Build is a local brand sports nutrition company in Malaysia, established in 2022 and located in the capital Kuala Lumpur. The original intention of founding Just Build was due to the increasing awareness of modern sports health, sports nutrition has become an indispensable choice. It aims to build a top sports nutrition brand, providing a series of high-quality products such as protein powder, health food, nutritional supplements, etc.

Just Build works with local trusted and experienced manufacturer partners, backed by nutritional science, to provide users with the most innovative and effective product ingredients. Imported raw materials are of the highest quality, traceability, safety and effectiveness.

Everything you need to Build Your Strength

just build fit life
mission & objective

Our Mission

Build a well-known international brand and provide consumers with high-quality, effective, and delicious products.

Our Objective

Make everyone healthy, sharp and strong physically without jeopardizing the taste and quality.

Heritage of Quality

Selection of products with exceptional formulations that come from the hand of the best specialists.

Truth in Labeling

Reflecting our practical sense, it's made up of products that are ‘simple', mostly single-ingredient

We Pride Ourselves On Have
A Team Of Highly Skilled

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